Pediatric Hospice

Quality time spent with those you love is invaluable. Just 4 Kids is focused on celebrating life and making more possible for families in need of Hospice care. Our team focuses on caring for your child, and supporting your whole family, so you can enjoy every minute together.

About Hospice

Seen at Home

There are a few misconceptions about pediatric hospice care. Many people think of hospice as a place, but really hospice is a concept or philosophy and most patients (including ours) are seen at home.

Curative Care During Hospice

Pediatric hospice allows children to receive curative treatments concurrent with hospice services. Pediatric patients can continue care with their primary medical providers, and won’t be required to switch doctors.

In This Together

An important component of hospice is emotional support for the whole family. Each individual copes differently with life’s challenges. Feelings of uncertainty, fear and anxiety may be present when hospice care is necessary for a loved one. We’re to help you through that process.

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